Luos Documentation

Luos is a set of hardware and software libraries, written in Rust, that orchestrates your robotic system. See for more.

Luos is Open Source (Apache 2.0), you can star, clone and fork it on Github:

Do not hesitate to join the community and obtain a dev board!

Install Rust and discover our boards

  1. Installation guide: setup for Rust for embedded on you computer

  2. Available development boards: select the board that is right for you

Program in Rust for Embedded

  1. Hello world: compile and upload your first program: learn to toggle a led on an off at the press of a button

  2. Taking a short break, or how to pause your program for a bit: learn to blink a led at a defined frequency

  3. Taking a deep breath, using PWM to change led brightness: learn to use PWM to create a breathing behavior on your led

  4. Reading analog values: learn to read an analog value from a pin, and control led brightness using a potentiometer

  5. Build a remote controlled elastic gun: learn to control a servomotor, and create a remotely controlled elastic gun to rule the world

  6. Baby steps into abstraction in Rust: discover how to build simple abstraction in Rust for embedded

Discover the L0 board

  1. L0 goes disco: a forth parts tutorial introducing Luos key concepts (Core and Driver) to show how to control LEDs with a potentiometer on L0 boards using Python.


Luos is developed by Pollen Robotics. You can follow us on twitter, facebook, youtube, instagram and Medium!

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